Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on How to Enter and Edit Events


Following are instructions for entering and editing events in the In The Calendar Online Events Calendar.

We will be adding to this page from time to time...

On Viewing Calendar Events

  •  Does my computer need any special settings?
    • Your computer should have the latest version of its operating system and browser installed. You must allow your browser to accept cookies and have Javascript enabled. We recommend using the Safari, Firefox or Chrome browsers. AOL browsers and some versions of Internet Explorer often produce less than optimum results.

  •  Are there any fees charged for visiting the calendar?
    • No, there is no charge whatsover imposed on calendar visitors.

  •  When I view the Events Calendar page, why don't I see any events listed?
    • In order to see event listings, you need to enter your zip code and a distance and click the Find My Events button.

  •  As a viewer, do I need to register or reveal any information?
    • No, we don't collect indentifiable information from viewers. Although we do recommend you sign up for the newsetter.

    On Entering Calendar Events

  •  What is the procedure for entering events In The Calendar?
    • The short answer is you must first register, validate your registration, then login, enter the details, and save it. All entries are reviewed by Admin before publication.

  •  Are there any fees charged for listing events In The Calendar?
    • Not for regular events. Only Highlighted and Featured events have a cost to list.

  •  How do I get started?
    • First Select the Add or Edit Event link either from the menubar or under the calendar title:

      You will be taken to the Login page. See the next item.


  •  How do I log In?
    • First you must login with your UserID and Password.

    • If you do not have a UserID and Password, then click the link circled in red to get the registration form.



  •  How do I Register?
    • Fill out the registration form, it looks like this.

      After submission you will receive an email with a link for you to validate. Double click the link to activate your registration, allowing you to login and enter events.

      User Registration:
      • Registration is only required for event hosts/organizers before entering events.
      • If you are a host/organizer who wants to enter events, please provide:
        • UserID (no spaces; letters and numbers only)
        • Password (no spaces; letters and numbers only)
        • Your name
        • E-mail address to which confirmation is sent.
        • Organization (Company or group),
        • City, State, Phone, and the
        • Type of events you will be listing.
      • An activation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provided so you can confirm your registration
      • You must double click on the link in the email to activate your registration, after which you can login and enter your own events in the calendar and category of your choice.

  •  I encountered problems registering, what could have caused them?
    • IF REGISTRATION FAILS: The typical reasons for registration failure are: 1) You did not double click on the link in the validation email; 2) You provided an incorrect or incomplete email address or an email address you do not check on the computer you are using; 3) Your computer does not allow cookies to be set; 4) You are behind a firewall that blocks the incoming confirmation email.
      If you have attempted to register and for some reason, it fails, you must change your UserID before trying again within 24 hours as the first one you used has been 'reserved' even though it has not been activated. Feel free to contact us at 949-689-7070 (daytime hours) if you continue to have difficulty. We're happy to help.

  •  Okay, I logged in, What's next?
    • After you login you should see a "choose page" similar to below. Read the left section on entering events and click the button for the input section.

      TIP: if you are an experienced user that already has events entered In The Calendar, and intend to enter a new event that is similar to one that has past, then see the section on editing events. (you can simply update a previous event for a new date or details, it's much faster)

  •  After choosing to enter an event, is there anything I need to know?
    • The following "Read Me" section is presented right before the input form. After reading it, please click the Next button to get the actual input form

  •  How do I fill out the "Add Event" form?
    • Nothing complicated here. Note that the red circle points to the restriction that you are allowed a maximum of TWO categories for your event. when a viewer first sees the calendar page, the system defaults to showing all events in all categories so your event will be visible.

      The Highlighted and Featured categories require a payment of $25 per appearance In The Calendar. These events also get special mention in the newsletters. Please do not select them if you are not prepared to pay.

      FWIW, we have had issues with hosts pasting in a title from an MS Word or PDF doc that contains quote marks. Please type your event title in.

      The date and time section is next. Simply set the date and time of your event. If your event does not repeat, leave the Event Repeating section on 'None." Repeating is addressed in the next area.

  •  How do I set events to repeat (Simple)?
    • First click the Simple tab under Event Repeating. You will see your choices:
      You can set it to repeat X days, weeks or months. OR, use the second section if it repeats on a single monthly shedule like first Friday as shown. Be sure to include the month frequency. (use the Advanced -> Monthly section if your event repeats more than once in a month.)

      Below the frequency, set the End Date. An example of simple repeating could be a multiple day event. You would set the top line to repeat every 1 day and then set it to End After X occurrences.

      You can also exclude dates from a simple fixed schedule. For example, your event may occur on the 1st Monday of the month, but not in September due to Labor Day. Set it to repeat on the 1st Monday of the Month, every 1 months and then use the Exclude Dates box to remove the September event. Click the Add button and you wiill get a small calendar. Click to the first Monday in September and add it to the box. If you make a mistake, select it and click Remove.

  •  How do I set events to repeat (Advanced)?
    • First select the Event Repeatng -> Advanced section and then the Monthly tab. (We are not using the Yearly tab right now.)

      Click on the Month(s) in which your event appears and then in the Weekday(s) box, click the Add button to include your selection of days.

      We will not address the Weekly or Daily tabs at this time. In all probability you will not need them.

      You can also Exclude Dates from an advanced fixed schedule. For example, your event may occur on the 1st Monday and 3rd Monday of the month, but not the 1st Monday in September due to Labor Day. Us the above instructions to set it to repeat on the First Monday and the Third Monday of Month and click on all of the appropriate months including September.. Then use the Exclude Dates box to remove the First Monday of September event. Click the Add button and you wiill get a small calendar. Click to the first Monday in September and it will add to the box. If you make a mistake, select it and click Remove.

  •  How do I enter a location and the event details?
    • The next section is for your Event's Location. When a viewer sees your event In The Calendar they will see a link for a map so it behooves you to enter a complete and detailed address. Most important and mandatory is an accurate zip code even if the address is held confidential until the person contacts you. The only way events can be found In The Calendar is if they are close to a viewer's zip code. No zip code == no visibility.

      Below the Event Location area, enter a web address (URL) for the event or hosting organization and then, optionally, but a good idea, the entry fee--people need to know.

      The Description section has a tool bar which you can use to modify the appearance of your text by bolding or coloring the type or aligning it or setting listed items as numbered or bullet points. Select some text and click the desired button. Please don't include pictures, logos, images or files. They are not compatible and will be deleted.

      At the bottom fill in the contact information for the event.

      When you have finished, click the "Next" at the bottom (and also found at the top) of the form to get to the next page.

  •  I've filled out the form, what next? Or how do I finish entering my event?
    • After you have finished filling out the New Event input form, and have clicked the Next Button either at the top or the bottom, you will see the following screen. You can leave Admin a note that will not appear in the listing if you wish. (Go ahead and say something nice). Then click the button to be notified of its status and then, most important, the SAVE button

      All events are reviewed for errors and content before publication

    On Editing Your Calendar Events

  •  How do I edit my existing event(s)?
    • First you must login just as though you were entering a new event (as described in a section above). Select Login to Add/Edit Event from the main menu and login with your registered identity exactly as you did when first entering an event (see above). After logging in, you will see the "Choose" poge again. This time, select the button on the bottom right to Edit/Delete and Existing Event.

      (Also, FYI - when you are logged in and viewing one of your own events, you will also see an edit button at the bottom which will take you directly to the form to edit it..)

      After choosing to go to the Edit/Delete an Existing Event section by clicking the button outlined in red, you will see a list of events you have entered. Click either the Edit or Delete button in front of the event whose status you want to change.

      When you click on the Edit button you get the form with your event to edit. Make your changes and save it. Alternatively, you can delete an event if it has been canceled.