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In the is the ideal advertising solution for businesses that want their message to reach active people that attend various functions.

In the is the Country's only website that lists both a calendar of events, activities and things to do as well as directory.


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About Banner Advertising
A banner ad is like a billboard that puts your company name in front of your prospect each time they cruise by. Being seen over and over builds name recognition and comfort in your products or services in the mind of the viewer that causes that magical click to your web site.
Email Advertising
A mimimum of four times a month we send out an email newletter to about 25,000 subscribers in SoCal. We accept ads in the blasts. We can even send a tailored blast listing only your event. (Some restrictions apply.)

Email Banner Tile
Included in the minimum of four monthly newsletters (sometimes several more at no additional cost!) is space for a 120x150pixel banner tile that links right to your web site.
You get tremendous exposure because the newsletters reach about 25,000 subscribers in Southern California at least four times a month and initially to over 5000 in the New York City Long Island area. Ad position is rotated with each sending so everyone gets a chance to be on top.
The price for this incredible amount of exposure is only $100 per month, with a two month minimum if we make the banner, automatically billed to your card.

Featured and Commercial Listings in the Calendar
You can have your event featured in the calendar for a small fee. Plus we are now listing 'commercial' events in the calendar, also for a small fee. Preview the Calendar Input Information read me page.

Click here for detailed information on advertising policies, specifications and terms

No doubt that the internet as a way of doing business is here to stay. And banner ads on web sites that are relevant to your business have proven to be the most efficient way of attracting customers. A banner on In the is the best choice for anyone that uses this site (YOU!).

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