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In The Calendar is a public events calendar which means that its content is viewable by anyone who visits the site. It was first established in Southern California where it is fast becoming a one stop resource for things to do. The viewer can easily find many categories of business, chamber and social networking events, meetings, mixers and expos in their own locale, saving hours of time wasted on rooting around the web. This site is free to visit. Click to go to the Calendar page.

In The Calendar is designed so an event host, or organizer, can view, enter and edit their events taking place anywhere in the U.S. The additional exposure can increase attendance and almost all are free to list.

    Event Categories
  • Business Meetings and Events
  • Business Networking Expos, Conferences, Shows
  • Business Networking Mixers
  • Chamber Meetings and Mixers
  • Business Networking Events
  • Leads, Referral Clubs Meetings
  • Business Networking Meetings
  • Social and Singles Events and Parties
  • Cultural, Arts and Science Seminars
  • Education, Training Seminars and Classes
  • Entertainment and Fun Activties
  • Job Search and Assistance Meetings
  • Charity and Fundraising Functions
  • Civic, Community Activities and Events
  • Featured and Highighted Events
  • Green Events
  • Health Expos and Events
  • Auto Races and Shows
  • Investment/BizOpp/MLM Meetings
  • Holidays
  • Music Festivals and Concerts
  • Service Clubs Weekly Meetings
  • Sports Actitivities and Events
  • Tech Meetings and Events
  • Trade/Professional Association Meetings
  • Women's Events and Womens Groups
  • More...

Submitting Events
Hosts can enter and edit their own events. Find detailed instructions on the Instructions/FAQ page. Or simply follow the link in the menu or here to register and login to get the entry form.
Most are free to list.

Advertising on In The Calendar
This site is supported by advertising in order to keep it free to the viewers and events hosts. It is visited by people looking for something to do, be it business networking or entertainment. If this is your target market, then you should seriously consider advertising with us. To request information, or see this page.

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In The Calendar was formerly known as Meetings and Mixers. It specialized in chamber and networking events and networking mixers. It was rebranded to In The Calendar to attract a wider variety of events, meetings and mixers and things to do.

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